Data scientist

Ask the right question, find and manipulate data, and create visualizations to communicate the results: those are my everyday tasks, I have been doing for the last years. As a Ph.D student I learned to work in interdisciplinary fields to process, synthesize, and describe outputs of different datasets. To uncover hidden trends in the data and bridge the gap between science and people I developed skills to:

  • find, scrape and merge interdisciplinary data;
  • bring structure to large quantities of formless data;
  • statistically analyze and predict trends;
  • visualize and communicate results.

As a data scientist, I perform most of my work in R programming language (includdign ShinyR, Plotly, GGvis, Leaflet), Python, Excel Visual Basic, ArcGis, SQL, Tableau, and others).






Geographic Information System (GIS)

Map, analyze, and present geographical or spatial data: As GIS specialist I analyze and explain patterns and behavior of spatially explicit data. My area of work in GIS analyses contains such topics as land use change, population migration, environmental changes and thermography. My skills include::

  • development of custom analysis algorithms;
  • web development with maps API;
  • geo-referencing and spatial analysis;
  • vegetation modeling.

I have a high proficiency in ArcGis, QGis, R, Google Maps, Leaflet.