Year: 2011- till present

17084_608890795794624_1785340794_nResearch group: Miroslav Svoboda; Volodymyr Trotsiuk; Pavel Samonil; Pavel Janda et al.

Overview: Natural disturbances strongly influence the dynamics and succession of forest ecosystems worldwide. Understanding the spatial and temporal variability of disturbances, particularly at the landscape scale, is critical for ecological forest management, which intends to emulate the historic range of forest structure, composition, and processes that result from natural disturbances. Maintaining the historic range of variability in managed forest stands and landscapes is believed to curtail biodiversity losses simply because native species evolved under, and are adapted to, this range of conditions. Management practices that drive systems outside the historic range of variability may place native species at risk. Characterizing the historical range of variability in forest disturbances often requires retrospective studies in primary forests, that is, forests relatively uninfluenced by human activities. During the past decade, Central Europe has experienced severe blowdowns and bark beetle outbreaks. Thus, an important question is whether these events are part of the historical range of variability, or whether they are related to climate change and past management practices.

Funding:  GACR P504/10/1644; IGA 20134332.


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